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Semester system is simply a different management of time during the academic year. Rather than holding the classes for one year with a summer break, as is done under the annual system, the semester system allows for two semesters to be offered in the fall and spring, each of which is 18 weeks long. 16 weeks are dedicated to teaching and 2 weeks are reserved for the mid-trem and final examinations. Student’s performance in each course is evaluated on a continuous basis throughout the semester. Final grading for each course is based on quizzes, assignments, term papers/projects, class participation, mid-term and final examination.

Course Registration
Students are required to register for the courses prescribed for a particular degree program offered during a particular semester. Course registration of the fresh students is done automatically by the respective department, a week before commencement of the semester. It is mandatory for the students to register at least 12 credit hours per semester except in the final semester.

Adding/Withdrawing Courses
The HOD must be informed by the student through a written request regarding his/her intention for addition or drop/withdrawl of a course. Non-attendance will not constitute official withdrawl.

Course(s) will not be added after one week of commencement of classes. Course(s) dropped during first two weeks of commencement of semester.

The students will be allowed to withdraw from a course from the 3rd week after commencement of semester till the 7th week of the semester (one week before the mid-term exam) with ‘W’ recorded on the transcript. After that withdrawl of a course will not be allowed.

Incomplete Course Work
The ‘I’ grade will represent ‘Incomplete’ and will be awarded on the discretion of teacher with the approval of the Director Campus.Clearance of ‘I’ will be done before final exams of the following semester, failing which will result in an ‘F’ grade.

Class Attendance
The complexity and fast pace of the courses at Bahria University make regular classroom attendance a necessity. There are also important benefits to be gained from entering into classroom discussion, learning to express one’s own ideas and to benefit from the ideas of others. The University therefore follows a strict attendance policy.

It is mandatory for every student to attend at least 75% of the contact hours failing which he/she will not be allowed to sit in the final examination and awarded letter grade F.

Schedule Adjustments
The University reserves the right to cancel any course due to low enrolment or non-availability of faculty. Minimum required strength for offering of the non-elective courses is ten students. The University reserves the right to form new sections and adjust/transfer students to other sections at any stage of the course.

Course Repeat Policy
The following shall be the conditions for repetition of courses: Repeating is only permitted in cases where the grade obtained is ‘C+’ or less. All attempts by a student in a subject regardless of the reasons will be recorded on the transcript. Only the highest of all attempts will be counted towards calculation of the CGPA. The course can only be repeated within one year of result declaration.

Academic Penalties

Students will be placed on probation if their CGPA at any time falls below 2.0, but is above 1.5. Three probations for four years programme, two probations for two years program and one probation in one and a half years programme is allowed after which students will be placed on chance status.

In case the CGPA of a student at any time falls below 1.5, the student will be placed on chance.Only one Chance is allowed in the entire duration of any programe. A student has to get out of chance status to avoid being dropped.

If a student has already availed allowable probations then the student has to improve and maintain his/her CGPA above 2.0 or equivalent in order to continue studies.

In case the student has not availed probation(s) then minimum of 1.5 CGPA has to be achieved in order to continue studies. However, student has to improve and maintain his/her CGPA above 2.0 or equivalent after allowable probations, in order to continue studies.

If a student fails to maintain the minimum CGPA of 2.0, after availing all Probations and Chance as mentioned above, then he/she will be dropped from the respective programme. The students dropped on academic grounds may be permitted to join other academic programs, provided they fulfill the basic criteria for admission to the concerned programme. If there are some common courses between the student’s previous academic programme and the one they want to join, exemption can be claimed for only those courses passed during the previous programme.

Migration and Credit Transfers
Migration will only be allowed from the colleges, universities or the institutions recognized by the HEC. No migration will be allowed to 1.5 years program. Transfer of credits will be considered on the basis of course contents, credit hours and basic eligibility criteria. The departmental equivalence committee will make final recommendations. A maximum of 50% of the total credits in the program to which transfer is sought can be transferred. Migration will only be allowed if the CGPA of the applicant is 2.5 or above according to the grading system of Bahria University. Migration will be allowed only at the start of a semester and student will have to get admission after appearing in all tests with other applicants.

Dual Majors
Students in all programmes (other than Engineering and Medical), may simultaneously complete two Majors provided both Majors lead to the same degree and are being offered by the university. Dual majors will be allowed to register half-way through the program whence the intention (of taking the second Major) must be indicated positively to the respective HOD through a formal written application. Upon receipt of the applications, the HOD shall initiate the registration process, culminating in a formal Letter of Acceptance from the Campus.

Completion of the second Major will be based on degree requirements enforced at the time of the request. Only one degree will be issued.

Students achieving high academic standards will be awarded Academic Honours (Gold/Silver Medals and Cum Laude Certificates) upon completion of their degree requirements at the Convocation Ceremony. In addition, Merit Scholarships, Financial Assistance Scholarshaips and a Mention in the Rector’s Honour’s List are the honours conferred during the course of studies.

Cum Laude Honours will be recorded on the degree and the final transcript. Eligibility for the same is as follows:

* Should have taken full semester load for the entire degree programme without having withdrawn/repeated any course prescribed for any semester.

* Should not have any Incomplete, Credit Transfer/Migration or Summer Course to their credit.

* Should not have been penalised in any disciplinary case.

Honour CGPA Requirement
Summa Cum Laude 3.95-4.00
Magna Cum Laude 3.80-3.94
Cum Laude 3.60-3.79

Rector’s Honours List
In every semester, the students achieving a CGPA of 3.5 or more will be mentioned in the Rector’s Honours List. The Honours List will be displayed on the University website.

The university will release transcripts upon written request from the student. No official transcripts will be released until all obligations to the University have been met. Requests will not be accepted from, or released to, third parties without a written consent from the student. Additional copies of transcript will be made available on payment by submitting application on prescribed form.

Since coursework begins every semester at Bahria University, students complete degree requirements and are graduated from the University on a semester basis. Degrees are posted with the last date of the month in which the degree requirements are met.

Convocation Ceremony
The convocation ceremony for the University is traditionally held at least once a year. All students completing their degree during the previous semester are eligible to participate. However, Participation in the convocation ceremony is not mandatory.

Degree Request Procedure
Students completing their respective degree must contact the institute office upon receipt of their final grade to initiate final degree audit and prepare their degree. Students are required to remove any deficiencies from their academic record, clear any indebtedness to the University prior to release of the degree and official transcript indicating the award of the degree. Students who have met all degree requirements and financial obligations may request from the University through a request verifying degree completion prior to receiving their degree.

Graduation Timeframe
The duration of a degree programme will commence from the first day of the commencement of first semester classes. Students completing all the requirements as per the road map for the award of the degree in their respective discipline will be awarded the degree. Maximum time limit for degree completion is 1.5 times the regular programme duration as per table give below:

Programme Duration (Years) Maximum Duration(Years)
1.5 2.25 (27 months)
2.0 3.0 (36 months)
2.5 3.75 (45 months)
3.0 4.5 (54 months)
3.5 5.25 (63 months)
4.0 6.0 (72 months)
4.5 6.75 (81 months)
5.0 7.5 (90 months)

The aforementioned maximum time-limits (1.5 rule) for a particular degree programme shall include all cases of semester freezing,dropping, rustication, or any other unavoidable contingencies. Any further relaxation beyond the above mentioned time limits will have any legal claim for further extension or award of degree.

Name of the students shall be struck off the roll of the university on completion of the maximum permissible time duration of their respective degree programmes.