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In order to apply, the applicants are required to submit the prescribed form (duly completed) along with supporting documents, on or before the notified closing date.

Admission will be based on Academic Eligibility Score, (50% weightage and Admission Test Score 50% weightage) verbal skills, Entry test score and Essay writing score (for applicants selected for interview only).

Students unable to provide “Academic Eligibility”, examination marks/CGPA awaiting results, must enter last qualification marks i.e. 1st year / O-level marks (IBCC marks) (in case intermediate, result is awaited) and Intermediate exam marks (in case Bachelor’s exam result is awaited).

For non-Pakistani qualifications (A/O-Level etc) student must enter IBCC equivalent marks/ HEC Equivalence Certificate marks, or calculated marks as given in application form.

Students are also advised to obtain O-Level IBCC certificate and marks (for those not having Matric qualification), in case A-Level result is awaited.

Forms of students awaiting A-level/Intermediate result will not be accepted, without, either 1st year Marks or O-level equivalence certificate marks from IBCC. Students awaiting ‘A’ level result with matric qualification (instead of ‘O’ level) cannot apply.

While entering CGPA maximum scale is to be mentioned i.e. CGPA 3 on a scale of 4 to be written as ¾.

Students with valid ETS scores have the option, not to take Bahria University Admission Test and submit scores as mentioned.

Students with A’s results of GCE are reminded that A’s result is considered equivalent to 1st year (Intermediate)

Test Code Valid For
SAT I 4181 Bachelor’s Program
SAT II 4181 Bachelor’s Program (Engg.)
GRE 7265 Master’s Program (Other than Management)

Please Submit copies of your score sheet with the application form and
show original sheet at the time of your interview.

Appear, in the entry test (where applicable) and for interview discussion session/Essay writing. Students are reminded that test for admissions in UG programs is based on pattern of SAT-I (for Management Sciences & Earth & Environmental Sciences ), SAT-II (Maths, Physics & SAT-1 English for Engg Programs) and GMAT (for Management sciences Graduate Programs)MS applicants will appear in admission test on the pattern of GRE general.